How to use the tool

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Manual Entry

Automatic Entry

  1. Open the app at any time before or during champion select for a 5v5 draft style league game. The app will automatically detect player names and champions chosen live as they happen. It will make its best guess at champion roles. You should double check champion roles and correct any errors manually before clicking calculate.
  2. Once all champions have been chosen by all 10 players, click the calculate button in the app. Clicking calculate generates a link to our website to be opened in your default internet browser, automatically transferring the data into the browser.
  3. Once you have the link in the internet browser open, click the calculate button in the browser to get your result.
  4. Use this information to decide whether or not to dodge queue in the last 30 seconds before the game starts, or play the game out.
  5. The companion app will automatically detect if a new game is started, and can be left open in the background in between games. You can also close out the companion app in between games and re-open it as needed.
  6. Dodging queue costs 3lp for your first dodge, and 10lp for each subsequent dodge within 16 hours. After 16 hours without any dodges, your next dodge cost should reset to 3lp. We've left benchmarks for where it is almost always worth it to dodge for the associated lp penalty. Use this to help decide what to do. And good luck!
  7. ***NOTE: Remember not to dodge if you are in your promotion series or preseason qualifier games. If you are in duo queue, you can have your duo partner dodge for you in these instances. If you are at 0 lp, we recommend you use the calculator cutoffs as you would at any other time. Although you cannot technically demote from a queue dodge, there is a hidden lp ‘debt’ system that continues to accrue when at 0lp, making the risk reward situation mostly the same.